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Access Serial Consoles from Vyatta

Access Serial Consoles from Vyatta


After making it possible to install additional packages from the Debian repositories on your Vyatta installation, you may be looking for some creative uses of this new capability.

One of the first things I do on many of my Vyatta installations is to install a terminal emulator that I can use to connect to other devices that are not available via IP.

I have found this capability to be very useful in a number of circumstances over the years. Previously I would configure a full Fedora or similar installation to accomplish this same solution.

If you have a firewall, router or switch that you need to have remote access to this can really come in handy, so follow along and I will walk you through the basic of the configuration. Read on to find out how.

With the Debian repositories at your  disposal many other options for your Vyatta installation are now available to you. For this capability my preference is to install Minicom to use as my terminal emulator.


apt-get install minicom


Once you have installed minicom connecting to your device is a straightforward process as seen below.






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