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Best iPad Game for Kids Series – Stack The States | DaddyKnowHow

Best iPad Game for Kids Series – Stack The States | DaddyKnowHow

The iPad has become an amazing and powerful addition to the daily life of my family.  One of the most beneficial aspects I have found to this new member of the family is the educational capabilities that it provides. With a seemingly endless stream of applications being developed from great, creative minds from all corners of the globe this device and the ones to follow will continue to have a profound affect on the way we learn.

With this in mind I am always on the lookout for additional creative and fun educational content to add to our iPad App collection for my daughter,  and honestly myself, recently I came across the Stack the States App by Dan Russell-Pinson. This $0.99 application has quickly become one of my 5 year old daughters go to games and I am quite frankly shocked at how quickly she is recognizing  the shape of the states. Another thing that has been very surprising to me is the way this program has challenged her to try to pronounce larger words like Minnesota not normally in the standard vocabulary of a Pre-K child.

For more information a quick video of the Stack the States App is included after the break.


If you have a junior member of the family that is in need of some USA oriented geographical training you should definitely have a look at this app. With its’ great blend of fun, challenge and education this one is simple and to the point and one of the things I really like is the fact that there is no violence!

** Update – The developer of the App Dan has informed me there is also a Stack the Countries App as well. Guess I will have to check this one out soon. Keep an eye out for the review!


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  1. Dan Russell-Pinson · June 2, 2012

    Thanks so much for posting about my game! I really appreciate it. FYI: For the older kids, there’s Stack the Countries too.

    All the best,


    • Barry (DaddyKnowHow) · June 3, 2012


      we continue to enjoy the app and look forward to giving Stack the Countries a try as well.

      Thanks for stopping by!

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