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Screen Shots on Raspberry Pi | DaddyKnowHow

Screen Shots on Raspberry Pi | DaddyKnowHow

At some point we all need to make a screen shot of most any computer you use. Whether you are capturing something you want to remember for later, an image or whatever other juicy morsel you have come across, being able to capture this is critical. With no built in option for screen capture functionality on your Raspberry Pi, you will have to fall back on another option. To enable this capability follow along

To begin with I am going to install the scrot utility which is one of those wonderful *nix utilities that work so well due mainly to the fact that it was designed to do one thing and it does that one thing well.




For a basic screen capture simply enter the command scrot in a terminal window



For a more selective capture simply add the -s option to the scrot command. This will allow you to selectively choose the area of the screen that you wish to capture with you mouse by clicking and draggin your cursor.




The scrot utility has many other capabilities as well. to learn more about them check out the man page





Remember that there are always multiple ways to solve your challenges in any *nix based system so after you have mastered scrot find another way and share it. If you already have another method of screen capture that works for you I would love to hear about it so please leave a comment below.

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