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What’s the difference between ip default-network and ip default-gateway command? | DaddyKnowHow

In Cisco IOS what is the difference between the ip default-network and the ip default-gateway commands and when should I use one instead of the other?

It is fairly easy to get these two commands confused especially when you are first learning. It is important that your initial understanding be complete for when each command is used appropriately.

ip default-gateway

The ip default-gateway command is used only when ip routing is disabled when you then have the need to set a “default” path out. One example of when you might use this command could be to enable a path to upgrade your device possible to a an tftp server for instance.


ip default-network

The ip default-network command should be used when ip routing is enabled on the device and you wish to enable another path.

Written by Barry (DaddyKnowHow)

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