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Wheat Belly – What’s It All About?

Like many of you out there I have struggled with weight issues and generally felt less than comfortable with my overall health. I have recently been reading about and researching the “Wheat Belly” phenomenon which, if you are not familiar with in very short terms recommends that you severally limit the amount of wheat that you consume on a daily basis, if you do not remove it from your diet all together. Now I am not one given to fads and have never really understood the endless diet merry go round that so many folks seem to be on. I am on the other hand openminded to learning as much about different things as I can and that includes health related items. I love to cook and i love to eat, ¬†and recently I have noticed that I really spend a great deal of my time doing one or the other. If we are not eating or cooking it seems that we are often planning either what to eat or cook next.

To say that this was an enlightening 3 minutes would be an understatement. Instead of laughing it off as another fad meted out tot the sucker daytime TV crowd I found myself intrigued by the premise of what was being discussed…this actually made sense to me and I wanted to know more about it.

The short story goes something like this…basically this Dr. named William Davis wrote a book called Wheat Belly where he talks about


After reading this I began to look around going no further that the “snacks” on my desk at the time and even the “healthy” ones that I had contained wheat. Now I was raised, like I am sure many of you were, to believe that wheat was good for you ie eating whole wheat bread was ok where white bread was not such a great idea. Dr. Davis’ theory was making me have some serious second thoughts in a very short time and I have to tell you I became a bit worried pretty quickly. Upon returning home that same day I went straight to the pantry and refrigerator and sure enough nearly every single thing that I picked up contained wheat in some form or another. Immediately I thought of the old adage too much of a good thing is not good at all

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